Counting Women's Work is part of the National Transfer Accounts (NTA) project.  NTA has research teams in over 60 countries using data to measure the generational economy - how we produce, consume, share, and save resources across age groups.  CWW extends the NTA approach to include the gender dimension as well. 

Each CWW research team is an NTA research team.  Some teams are part of academic departments or research groups, others are part of government statistical agencies.  Each team engages in the following activities:

  • Use survey and administrative data from their home country to produce estimates of the generational and gendered economies, following the National Transfer Accounts and National Time Transfer Accounts methodology consistently across all countries.

  • Share results with other teams in the network and with the public.

  • Create research outputs such as working papers, comparative volumes, policy bulletins, and peer-reviewed research articles to communicate results.

  • Engage with policymakers and other stakeholders in their own countries and across the globe.

See the links at the left for information on the people and institutions involved in each country team. Selected research and events featuring cross-country results appear below.