Revealing gender and care in a unique economy


The Vietnam CWW team was instrumental in aiding the government to field a time diary survey, a small-scale survey centered on urban Vietnam conducted in 2014-2015.  (Prior time use data available in Vietnam was activity-based rather than a time diary.) Preliminary results from this survey show unique patterns of multi-generational cooperation in unpaid care work in a context with high gender equality in time spent on market work.  Given the CWW team's demonstration of the power of time use data for social science and policy, government statistical agencies are currently considering implementing a full-scale survey in the future.

Vietnam's CWW and NTA research in Vietnam has been particularly useful to policymakers considering changes to national pension systems and issues of gender equality.



Giang Thanh Long

associate professor and Director of Institute of Public Policy and Management (IPPM)

National Economics University


Pham Ngoc Toan

Director, center for analysis and forecasting

institute for labor and social affairs