CWW Collaborates with Care Work and the Economy Project

Researchers from CWW, including Principal Investigator Gretchen Donehower, Project Coordinator Morné Oosthuizen, and CWW Ghana research team leader Professor Eugenia Amporfu will join the 2018 annual meeting of the Care Work and the Economy Project (CWE-GAM) in Berlin, Germany in October 21-23, 2018.

The CWE-GAM project has three main aims:

  1. To develop innovative tools to measure and model care,

  2. To develop gender-aware macromodels (GAM) that integrate gender and care work into the applied economic tools at the heart of economic policymaking, and

  3. To rethink macroeconomic models so that they include gender and unpaid care work as essential elements of understanding economies in a more complete way for more accurate understanding and policy analysis.

Given CWW’s focus on measurement as well as our global reach, collaboration with CWE-GAM is a natural fit. Donehower, Oosthuizen, and Amporfu will attend the meetings, provide feedback on project plans and outputs, and discuss possibilities for further collaboration in the future.

Click below to learn more at the project website: