CWW Care Work Projection Template at CWE-GAM Meeting

Gretchen Donehower, PI of CWW, participated in the 2019 annual meeting of the Care Work and the Economy Project (CWE-GAM) in Glasgow, Scotland on June 30 - July 2, 2019.

Donehower has been collaborating with CWE-GAM researchers to create a template for projecting the care economy. This involves a synthesis of both paid and unpaid care work for both children and elders, and estimating the age- and sex-specific nature of the production and consumption of care. The data needs are intensive - requiring a time use survey to estimate dynamics in the unpaid care work sector, and income and expenditure surveys to estimate dynamics in the paid care work sector.

Donehower presented presents a preliminary model which projects care support ratios for the United States through 2030. Slides from the meeting are available here. Work is ongoing to apply the model to data available in South Korea, and modify that output based on feedback from the meeting.

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