CWW Takes Part in G20 Task Force on Gender Economic Equity


While Argentina holds the Presidency of the G20, or “Group of Twenty,” Argentinian officials and researchers have been coordinating several task forces to ensure that a diverse set of issues and viewpoints are represented in the talks. They call this effort the “Think 20” or “T20” group of task forces and the list of all topics appears here.

Counting Women’s Work was invited to be part of the task force on Gender Economic Equality and the project was represented by Mexico CWW team leader Estela Rivero Fuentes. Dr. Rivero Fuentes used CWW research to highlight the role of unpaid care work in creating gender inequality in access to market labor force opportunities. In addition, she was a contributing author to the Task Force’s volume on Gender Economic Equity: An Imperative for the G20. This represents one of the highest-level policy interactions for CWW.

After a meeting of the task force in September 2018, the T20 produced a comprehensive document that covers the current empirical reality of gendered economies around the world, as well as a set of specific policy recommendations that will be presented during the G20 summit in Buenos Aires in November 2018. This will be the first G20 summit held in South America.