Radio Canada interviews CWW researcher


Estela Rivero (right) spoke to Pablo Gómez Barrios of Radio International Canada in September 2014.

In Mexico, the economic crisis of the 1980s propelled many women into the labour market. However, women are more likely to be located in the lowest paid jobs and, as a result, their contribution to the country's economy appears to be lower than that of men. 

As in other countries around the world, though, Mexican women continue to perform substantial amounts of work in the home, including cooking, cleaning and care work, even if they are employed outside of the home. These activities are not recorded as part of the national economy in conventional measures of economic production (e.g. they are not included in GDP), but represent an important contribution to their households' welfare. 

Pablo Gómez Barrios spoke with Estela Rivero, Counting Women's Work researcher for Mexico. 

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