Journal article: "Incorporating household production into the National Transfer Accounts for Slovenia" by Jože Sambt, Gretchen Donehower & Miroslav Verbič

Sambt, J., Donehower, G., and Verbič, M. (2016) “Incorporating household production into the National Transfer Accounts for Slovenia.” Post-Communist Economies, 28(2): 249-267.


The National Transfer Accounts (NTA) have recently been developed to measure economic flows across age groups. In this article, we extend the NTA for Slovenia by including the value of unpaid household production. Based on time-use data, we discover that people in Slovenia spent even more time on household production than on paid work, which emphasises the necessity of including household production in the NTA analysis. We find that there are large net transfers of household production flowing from adults to children, and to a lesser extent also to the elderly. We calculate unpaid production separately for both genders, and discover that females provide much more unpaid production and total productive work than males. In addition, they face a much more intensive ‘rush hour of life’ than males. We expect that similar patterns may be found in other post-communist countries where equalising labour force participation by gender was central to the communist agenda, but where no similar efforts were undertaken to equalise household work burdens.